Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well Faschnizzles!  I was so optimistic that Hub's had figured out why neitherer of us can/could post photos on our Blogs... turns out that 'JavaScript' had be disabled(uninstalled)  on our computers...(mine is a P.C. & his is a Laptop) so imagine our delight when I was able to post onto my Blog via his for the maddening part... yesterday Hugs aka 'computer techsupportman' attempted to re-install JavaScript on my P.C....and after nearly 2 plus hours of installing/re-installing and some hair pulling, not to mention a few expletives,, I still can not post photos on my blog & I still get that same "Your Browser is no longer supported by Blogger., try Google Chrome" back to the drawing board... If we can't get to the root of the problem I guess I will have to take my P.C. into town to have it checked out...uugghh!
My other option is to transfer photos I plan to use over to his computer, access & post on my blog...what a pain...but it is what it is until we can figure out why Blogger doesn't like my computer.


  1. Did you try going back into the advanced options and re-enable some of the internet explorer options? And update IE?


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