Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sherry Made Me Buy It!

 My friend and fellowette Trailer Diva, Sherry and I decided to do a little 'Trailer Trolling" yesterday, on our way to the Thrift...well we spotted 3 lil old trailers and left messages on the owners doors...because ya just never know!
In the mean time while at our two favorite Thrifts, I found this wonderful wool felt hat,,,perfect for the next time I am at the Kentucky! It needs a little cleaning but for $4 I absolutely love it! Just might have to dress it up with a little 'Bling'..
 Then I came across this sweet plaque... perfect for me,,,because at my age, I sometimes forget who I am among other things! lol! It was a great .99cent find.
 And then I spotted this! OMG! I am in love!  No really!  
 I call these 'aquarium rock art'...These were a very popular craft project back in the 1960's... you could buy kits that came complete with the little aquarium  colored rocks, glue and misc. deco trim. I actually have a blue & purple floral one hanging in my little Scotty trailer. This one will go into my kitchen. The photo does it no justice,,,as some of the rocks are very iridescent.... $2.99 SCORE!
 Then I spotted this cute crochet chicken pot holder for only .99cents... I remember seeing these in just about all my childhood friends family homes...probably were Christmas gifts crocheted by loving Aunts and Grandmas...
and for the best part... I have a set of these canisters, the flour, sugar, coffee and tea... but I had no idea there was one for saved 'grease'!   You would pour your left over grease from frying foods, through the 'strainer' and the clean grease would be saved in the canister & the food bits caught in the strainer where wiped  and tossed out....Now I have to tell you, they normally have black lids, but this one literally peeled off when I was washing it in uber hot water... no big deal, because for those of you who know me,,, know my favorite saying,  "spray paint is your friend"  (if it moves...salute it...if it don't,, paint it! ) lol!

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  1. Wow, a grease saver, who knew! I remember the old rock kits, that's a blast from the past!


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