Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogspot Hates Me!

Ok, is it just me, my lack of or antiquated computer skills that I can no longer post photos on my blog?
I keep getting a fragmented  page when trying to work on my blog... it still goes into automatic save mode... I can even set it all up,,,,upload photos, write and then when I click on either, 'Save', 'Preview' or 'Post' I get nadda!  only a white page and if I try to go back, I loose everything!

This is what is on top of my page...:
"Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss "
I have searched the internet and  Blogger for help... I have done the 'Goggle Chrome' and it still won't let me post pics... I have changed my browser (which Blogger says mine is not compatible)..I've done the 'cookies' thing... Aaacckkk! what am I doing wrong?

Is it illegal to strangle my computer, my internet server and Blogger!?!

Funny thing is... I can 'write' and it will post... but just won't post the photos.... How am I suppose to brag about my vintage trailers, grandbabies or my kitties?

Pass me a Martini and a bag full of chocolates... I need stress refief, and I need it NOW!

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  1. Which browser do you use? I use IE and have little problems, running on XP. Do you have a high speed connection?


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