Monday, June 25, 2012

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow...

So,, this is me, last week, with my long tresses.....June 2012

here I am with my (back to front) sister, Suzanne, her daughter, Brittnie, my daughter, Meri and me...for a girls get away in Pasadena Calif., in the Spring of 2007...

 hmm, what am I up toooo!?!?

 Wait, am I in a Salon?

 uh oh, what's she doing with that rubberband and why am I sitting in that chair?

Nice braid.... long too!

OMG! she's got scissors in her hands....

bye bye braid... bye bye long hair.....

5 years of growing out my hair and it only took a moment to braid and snip it off.

Oh my, why didn't someone tell me I was sooooo grey!

tadaaa!   Well, now to wrap up the braid and send it off to 'Locks for Love" .  My goal was to grow my hair long enough to be able to have it go to a good cause... wigs for cancer patients


  1. Gracie!!! I love the new do!! It looks really great. And will be so much easier to care for. What a good cause....good for you!! Our Amanda did that a few years back....only she shaved her head...YIKES!

  2. Oh how I admire're a brave, good soul. I called about donating mine but, too, it is gray and they told me they would sell it. I just can't bring myself to cut it.

  3. You look fabulous....darling!!!! That took some guts but it was a wonderful decision...and so much help for a cancer patient.

  4. You look adorable Grace! What a "sweet" heart you are to give of yourself! They will love your hair and you will be blessed. Such a sweet gesture Grace. xox

  5. How cute, and my daughter did that years ago. Good for you!

  6. Oh my look sooooooo cute!! I love it. Yay short hair!!

  7. Hey there the new look of your blog. An updated hairdo and an updated blog....what's next?????

  8. yep, new hair-do, new blog layout & what's next...heeheehee! ya just never know with me!


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