Sunday, September 21, 2008

Introducing "Gracie Girl"


Meet the newest member to our garage.....yep! my New-Old vintage Aljo travel trailer.

We are uncertain of her true age, after all a lady never tells her age.....but I am sure she is about my age give or take a few years! lol!

I have been wanting a vintage trailer for quit some time now and we have been searching Hi & Low when we found her in a town about an hour up the road.

She looks a bit unkempt but hubby & I are not timid and look forward to creating a diamond from this rough. Plus we just love tearing things apart & rebuilding them. Repurposing"!

Today we took a ton of photos, you know, the "Before" photos and then we started going through her making a list of things to if you need to find us, just peek in our barn, that's probably where we will be.

Our little 14 1/2 ft. Aljo will be named, "Gracie Girl"...a fitting name don't you think?

I'll post pic's as we progress on Gracie Girl's make-over. So stay tuned!

Another Sewing Machine...

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I thought I had been cured of buying vintage sewing machines....but NOOOO!,,,,I still have my addiction... oh well! good thing hubby dearest has a good sense of humor & doesn't mind wood working "Honey Do" projects! lol! It is a vintage Singer but I am unsure of the date. When I clean & polish it up I'll see what info I can find on it. Mean while hubby will be building a case/stand to display it on.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saying Good-bye...

(B.G. on left & L.G. on right)
Lucy Grace and Beverly Grace are saying their fond farewells before Beverly Grace heads to the East Coast to her new home.

They had a great time and are getting ready to have one last Martini before the departure.

Beverly Grace is going to live on a wonderful organic farm with her new family that loves gardening, critters & life.

Actually, Beverly Grace is going to be my spy and send back secrete information from her new mom's sewing & quilting room! lol!

We'll miss you Beverly Grace....hugz

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have been busy...

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"Beverly Grace" hiding amongst some of my vintage linens.
"Beverly Grace" & an Apron made from an embroidered pillow case.
Vintage Pre-printed Flocked Apron Fabric
The Before & After.....

My messy sewing room corner & pillow cases for future aprons.
Pillow Case Apron w/Hankie Pockets

OK, I managed to steal away a little time from yard & garden work to play at my sewing machine....long over do I might add.

So they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well these pictures should explain what's been going on in my world! lol!

My sewing room looks like an explosion went off,,,,fabric, sewing notions, scissors and buttons everywhere not to mention a few kitties to keep me company.

I love re-purposing so I created an apron (for a very special friend) out of a pillow case which will go out in Friday's mail. The apron is simple in structure with vintage looking hankie pockets. The floral design was hand embroidered(but not by me) and is in wonderful shape.

Ever since I have "discovered" how easy it is to make Rag Dolls, thanx to MaryJane's Farm magazine,(Summer 2008 issue) I have been stitchin' away and here is my latest rag doll whose name is "Beverly Grace", in honor of a "Birds of a Feather" friend. Notice the tiny crocheted pot holder I made for her...

I had to post this picture of a piece of 'pre-printed' fabric that I bought off of ebay. It is a flocked apron pre-printed pattern. I have decided not to cut it up but rather have it professionally framed(yes, I know it will cost me a bloody fortune) so I can hang & display it. I am guessing it is from the 1960's?...

I found an office chair & sheet at our local 2nd hand store and for a total sum of $5.00 I now have a new sewing chair which meets with little Peekaboo's approval.

As always, if you click on the pictures you can get a closer look.