Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saying Good-bye...

(B.G. on left & L.G. on right)
Lucy Grace and Beverly Grace are saying their fond farewells before Beverly Grace heads to the East Coast to her new home.

They had a great time and are getting ready to have one last Martini before the departure.

Beverly Grace is going to live on a wonderful organic farm with her new family that loves gardening, critters & life.

Actually, Beverly Grace is going to be my spy and send back secrete information from her new mom's sewing & quilting room! lol!

We'll miss you Beverly Grace....hugz


  1. Grace,

    Lucy Grace and Beverly Grace are as cute as can be - and they look so perfect together. Won't Lucy Grace be lonely when Beverly Grace moves east?



  2. nope, cuz 'meri grace' is waiting for her dress & apron so she can properly make an appearance.

  3. Ooooh I am one lucky farmgal, cause Beverly Grace has taken up residence in my sewing room. She keeps me company while I work on my projects. She is no spy, Gracie!!! But, SHE IS ADORABLE!


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