Sunday, September 21, 2008

Introducing "Gracie Girl"

Meet the newest member to our garage.....yep! my New-Old vintage Aljo travel trailer.

We are uncertain of her true age, after all a lady never tells her age.....but I am sure she is about my age give or take a few years! lol!

I have been wanting a vintage trailer for quit some time now and we have been searching Hi & Low when we found her in a town about an hour up the road.

She looks a bit unkempt but hubby & I are not timid and look forward to creating a diamond from this rough. Plus we just love tearing things apart & rebuilding them. Repurposing"!

Today we took a ton of photos, you know, the "Before" photos and then we started going through her making a list of things to if you need to find us, just peek in our barn, that's probably where we will be.

Our little 14 1/2 ft. Aljo will be named, "Gracie Girl"...a fitting name don't you think?

I'll post pic's as we progress on Gracie Girl's make-over. So stay tuned!


  1. Hi Grace!

    LOVE your new Gracie Girl...great name! She has good bone and her floor plan is what most SOTF want, according to Raunie! Looking forward to seeing the progress made on her! What decor are you going to use? Colors inside and out? Oh, so fun! I am thrilled for you Grace!


    P.S. I can see the sky in one of the pics...looks a lot like Fall! How wonderful!

  2. Oh Grace,

    She is beautiful and I am so happy for you. What a great starting point for your makeover. She will be so much fun to work on. I would love to come over and help!

    Wish you could be with us at Kern this weekend.



  3. She is just perfect. Like a lady just needing a pedicure. I can not wait to see her all fancied up. Take your time and do it right. Have fun putting your love into her.

  4. Wow, Grace...I cannot wait to see how you transform Gracie exciting for you!!

  5. Hi Grace,

    It was so great to talk to you. Glad to hear you guys are loving the farm life so much up that way! Here's the link to the video of the new neighborhood. I'll send pictures once we get moved in.

  6. Hi, Grace!
    I was so pleased to see your new Aljo "Gracie Girl". We have just bought from Craigslist a 60's 12' long Aljo. I'm dreaming of all the cute changes I can make and I am certainly going to watch your progress. Please keep us up on "Gracie Girl"
    Carol in Macon, Ga.


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