Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Are These?

I found these sweet little crocheted "cups" but am not sure what they are or are for.... All 4 look so sweet...what could they be?
At first I thought they might be to keep soft boiled eggs warm?
Or maybe little 'jackets' for slender glasses?
Or at the whimsy of a crocheter, maybe just a practice project.
I am thinking of running very thin satin ribbon through the holes and
then fill the little "pot" with lavender, cinch closed & tie a bow to secure it.
I love a good crafty mystery.

My "Disappearing 9" Quilt.

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" Disappearing 9" Quilt.

ok, I was just to excited to wait till it's finished....but here is my little
"Disappearing 9" quilt. It is only 36" by 36" and I plan to display
it in my entry way.
The fun thing about a Disappearing 9 is that you can keep turning and placing the blocks to what ever motif you like.

Jan. 2010

More stitching Fun. Martini Swap Apron Fun....this one is for my secrete swap partner, hope she likes it.
Here is yet another pillow case that I made....I LUV this fabric.
Pillow cases are so easy, fast and make sweet gifts.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan. 13th, 2010

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Our little 'Dolly Girl' checking out one of my many finds from a delightful day of perusing the local Thrift shops....I no sooner opened up this little caddy & poof! there she was! So what do you do with an old Bread Warmer? why you turn it into a sewing or yarn caddy...actually I am going to use this for a sewing tote in my vintage trailer.
Yep, another I needed another one! lol! This one has been hardly used.....

I found these cute patterns... since I love aprons this 1964 one is perfect!
I couldn't pass up the Poncho pattern, after all, it's from the '70's & so am I !
Ok, what do you get when you take a pair of felt gloves, some yoyo's and lace daisies? why a cute pair of gloves of course!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello January 2010

Hubby and I have spent less time in front of the 'Boob Tube" and more time working on jigsaw puzzles....a great way to exercise the brain....
This is what our front lawn looks like thanks to all the rain and melted snow.

Needless to Garden is not suffering from draught and the Deer are making short work of my Arborvitaes!

Yep, part of our front yard and driveway....hmmm, if we get a freeze I will have my choice of ice skating areas! lol!

Soooo, what do you think? is it time for me to toss out what is left of my moldy "Harvest"?

Ok, I know it's time to pack away my Christmas decorations...but I think I will wait until this coming weekend. I just want to hold onto the "feeling" for just a few more days.

What can I say,,,,after seeing how cute snowmen are (Thanx Bev) I had to have my own collection. Hopefully come next Christmas there will be even more Merry little snowmen on this table.....

Yep,,,, they really are, but I love them just the same....truth be friends probably think I am too! which explains why we get along so!
Goodbye 2009, I'll miss you....
Hello 2010....Bring It On!