Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Fun Apron...

Ok, so as a rule I 'procure' my fabric, cut, sew, iron & wear my own aprons (when I am not swapping them) but...every now and then I come across a pre-printed apron. You know the buy them by the panel or package. the apron is printed on the fabric, you just cut it out, toss away the instructions (no body reads them anyways!) then you sew the apron together making a few modifications (cuz you threw away the instructions), iron it & Voila' you have "instant apron"....

I could not resist this one. It actually turned out really cute! It has a gingerbread man & house motif. Really Kitcheny Cute! I found it at Joann's fabrics & the best part, it as well as all the Holiday fabrics were on sale! Wahoooo!
Now to head into the kitchen wearing my new apron, pull out my "Easy Bake Oven" and whip up a package of Betty Crocker Brownie mix....Betty Crocker & I are best friends! lol!
HoHoHo, Bingle Jells & a couple of 'Falala's' for good measure.


  1. Cute! YOu are making me jealous! I can't sew worth beans!
    Lovely apron my dear!

  2. Ooooohhh that is so cute! Gingerbreadmen, yummy!!


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