Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love Ironing Aprons....

Gary having fun on his ATC...
Little Peek-a-boo watching over my little apron.

Crazy for Polka Dots....

Sweet little homemade apron...

I really do love ironing my vintage aprons...when ever I add a new-old apron to my collection, I hand wash it in lavender water and then hang it to dry. But ironing it is when I get to bond with it, to see all the little stitches, tiny tears & stains. I enjoy looking at how it was constructed, and wonder who the Mystery seamstress was that loving created this apron. Was it a Home Ec project, a gift for a special someone or just an apron for the sewers own use?
I have well over 80 aprons in my collection, some vintage, some new, some store bought & some hand made. Each one is so very dear to me.
I recently attended the "Washington State Quilters" quarterly meeting when a dear lady who new I collected aprons brought me a bag, & in the bag where 3 darling aprons. She said she new I collected them and came across these at an Estate Sale, the 3 cost her all of a dollar! How sweet of her to think of me, to buy them for me.... see, "Apron Strings", tie us together in friendship!.

While in my sewing room today, I heard a familiar sound, one I haven't heard since this past summer....I guess my dear husband just couldn't wait for Spring to go play so he went out to his ManCave, got out the ATC and played in the snow....I was content to play in my sewing room, Thank you very much! lol!


  1. I love your aprons and the travel case. So adorable.

  2. Hello Katmom,
    I read your post in Juli Thorson's Horse Talk, and I had to write to you to introduce myself. I'm the outfitter Juli's talking about, sad that we're going out of business, but learning to adjust. I really liked your comments, and your discussions about your husband and daughter. Very realistic, and I think what your family decided to do has been happening all over. We have had to survive, and therefore work, and give somethings up along the way. In this case, enjoying the great outdoors. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this. I just started a blog, too, about our life in the great outdoors, and even our indoors which is very remote and wild, too! If you have a chance, I hope you will take a look and enjoy:

    Thank you again,

  3. Looks as though hubbs was having a and their toys...ya gotta love it!

  4. Great picture of Gary! Yes, he looks like he is having a blast playing in the snow!

    Loved seeing all your aprons when I visited you last summer! What a WONDERFUL collection it is! Happy ironing!


  5. Hi Grace,
    oh, what a wonderful blog, full of inspirations!!!!! I wish to leave comments in all your posts, but I do this one:
    Thanks for visiting my blog, your German is "fine" for me ;-), nice to meet you!
    Hugs, Jutta from Germany


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