Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1 Yard Apron

Pink Pillowcase Apron
Red Valentine Apron

Hmmmm what will this be when I am finished ????

While visiting one of my (many) favorite apron/sewing sites I came across this "1 Yard Apron" tutorial on "Shawnee's" blog...it is such an easy apron to stitch up in an afternoon.
All one needs is 1 yard of scrap fabric or in my case 1 queen size pillow case & some scrap fabric or a fat quarter.
I like making my ties long enough to wrap around & tie infront of my aprons.
I embroidered my name (in case I forget who I am! lol!) on one pocket and a bird & leaves on the other. I am still learning how to embroider with my Brenina Embroidery machine.
I like my aprons a little longer so I made mine longer by lengthening the bottom ruffle by 2 inches.
I was so delighted how the apron turned out that I wore it that night while baking a casserole for my husband. I'm such the "Suzie Homemaker". lol!
I made the red Valentine Apron for another apron swap that I am in....I used the same
"1 Yard Apron" method.
I love sewing Aprons, they are functional, fun & flirty. They don't require a ton of fabric, can be as fussy & fancy or simple, easy & utilitarian....You can even make a cute easy peasy half apron from a 1/2 yard of found fabric. Then gussy it up with scrap buttons, yoyos etc....
The ideas are limitless...
Hmmmm, I have a nearly new/hardly used make-up case/train case (which I bought at a 2nd Hand Store for $3.00)...some heavy gift wrap, some glue & decoupage' medium... hmmmm.....wonder what it will be re-purposed into when I am done! Guess you'll just have to come back to my blog later this week to see!


  1. Oh Grace your GRACE apron turned out so cute! I am always so impressed with your on going talents!

    It looks like a winter wonderland! Great picture of Gary on the roof! Be careful Gary!

    Thinking of you Gracie!


  2. That Grace apron is a beaut! Ok, so how is the train case coming along.....cannot wait to see pictures!

  3. almost done...today I am going to paint the "ribbing-edge" and then put 2 coats of Mod Podge on it. Tommorrow I'll varathyne it then add some glitter & some rhinestones. Then I'll post a pic.... it is going to look so cute in my old trailer.


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