Friday, January 16, 2009

Frosty Days around our Farmette...

Lavender field
Frost on the fence

2 of my 20 frosty fruit trees.

I was heading out to the Gym ( to undo all the damage that the Holiday foods had done, lol!), anyways I could not resist taking a few pic's of the frost around our property. You can see the direction of the winds from the frost. I certainly never experienced this in SO. California.... The last few days have been dismal with no sun, only fog. I will be glad when Spring brakes through.
At least I can see some of my lavender plants I just hope this frost did not do any damage to them.


  1. Oh my, it looks so bleak there...Spring will be such a welcome sight I am sure. Stay warm, dear friend!!

  2. Bleak is an understatement,,,these pic's were taken at 11:30am....and on top of everything the whole town 3 miles down the road from us was without power/electricity for
    2 1/2 hours.
    Fortunatly we live far enough out in the country/wheat plains and were not effected.
    Come on Spring!!!!

  3. Such beautiful pictures.........I can see lovely fields of lavender where all of that snow is now.....and little birds perching on that the beautiful sunshine with nice cool breezes blowing! Of course, it is easy for me here in SoCal where it is in the '80's with the tail end of a Santa Ana blowing. We need the rain, instead of all of this heat and red flag flag warnings. Spring will soon be here for you to enjoy.....while we'll still have autumn leaves on our trees!




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