Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farm Girl Friendship....

Suzie~cheneygirl, Sher~rooted-rover, Karen~kpaints, Amanda~firemama, Grace~katmom
Just a little snow!!! ya think? Airway Heights, Washington. 03.09.2009

Well here it is, March 11th, still got snow on the ground but at least it has not snowed for 2 days!
As you can see from these last 2 pictures,,,Monday, March 9th-Mother Nature played yet another cruel trick on us...again!!!
But today the sun actually poked it's head out...making for a perfect Farm Girl get together...
So, that being said, Suzie, Sher, Karen, Amanda & I (Grace) had a nice friendship day....
Karen, Sher, Amanda & I met up at the Ben Franklin store in Cheney, in the Fabric section,,, and after looking at my receipt, I think I did the most! Did I really need to buy all this fabric and yet another pattern??? Oh, you betcha"!!!! lol! (just don't tell my darling hubby...)
Then we snuck over to "Del's-Farm & Feed" to surprise Suzie and we did!...I thought Amanda was going to go home with an arm full of itty bitty baby chicks.....hmmm, maybe we should call her "hen-mama" instead of "firemama" hahaha!
After we finished & almost buying all the items on sale, oh wait,,,,that would be me again! lol!
We went over to Starbucks for coffee & zero calories dessert....we chatted and learned about each other and my "bad driving habits"...
After that we went to a little 2nd hand shop found a few trinkets & then Karen gave us a quick tour over at Washington State University....
Then it was time to hug & say good by till our next get together.
What a fun day, good friends, good shopping, good coffee and good weather.
What more could a farmgirl ask for!


  1. Everyone is going to think I took you to Pullman.....what university did we got see? lol Karen But we did have a good time..maybe your driving is worse than I thought.

  2. hahaha! My Blond!!!! lol!
    So was it EWU ????heeheehee!

  3. ohhhhhhhh, this sounded like a fun day, especially the shopping, eating and chatting part. Driving in snow...not exactly. Love seeing the snapshot of y'all! xxea

  4. Oh Gracie, what fun! You look very happy to be with the farmgirl! I can tell by the sweet smile on your face! LOVE your Penelton jacket! Hugs, Maryjane

  5. Hey MaryJane...hahaha, my jacket is a "Pendleton49er" wanna be! I purchased it at Nordstroms....

    I brought your "Linens" book to show off & ooh & aah! I had to make sure I got it back! lol!

  6. Oh my, and I was going to ask you if you had gotten a break from the snow, yet. Hang on Gracie, I am sure that Spring will get here...eventually.

  7. LOOKS LIKE SOOOOO MUCH FUN! i'm glad you have lots of sisters to hang out with...thanks for the sweet comments...oooh and the no calorie dessert...yummmmmm cat


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