Monday, July 16, 2012

Container Gardening.

I am trying a new approach to gardening...using cast off tree containers....and it seems to be working!
I buried the containers 2/3 of the way into the ground, filled them with a mix of soil/sand & Alpaca pooo and my plants seem to be pretty darn happy! And So am I!
 Yep, complete with a 'Flower Bed'.... Calandulas and Marigolds.
 The tomatoes, onions, snow peas & potatoes are doing great! The bell peppers,,,are a bit sluggish...
 Meet Scooter, our 'Weed management Control' Supervisor...   :>)
These photos were taken around the beginning of July... now everything is doubled in size... and I just harvested some tomatoes and snow peas!  Color me Happy!

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  1. Great idea, is it more for bug or soil control?


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