Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me....

I may be an old pair of boots, but with a coat of paint I can look "Groovy"....
Ok, so I may be getting older, but I can still kick butt & I have the boots to prove it!
But first I need a cup of coffee! lol!
Wowzers! when did I become XX years old?, I must not have been paying attention, but it's ok, because I have a wonderful family, sweet kitties, 2 vintage trailers & my sense of humor!
So Happy B-day to give me some chocolate & nobody gets hurt! lol!


  1. Happy Birthday, Birthday twin. Yes I celebrated my birthday on the 19th too. And I dont know where the time went either ;)

  2. IT'S NICE TO GET A UFO DONE! Cute post and yes, keep the sense of humor, you will need it! :) You could do the reverse numbers from now on....I like the idea!

  3. Hope you have a very wonderful day, Grace. Happy, happy birthday.

  4. Happ Birthday Grace! And many more you cutie pie! Hope you were spoiled rotten!

    Love ya,


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