Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keeping Busy...

Finally, a nice day to sit out on the balcony...
yep, another rag rug.....I luv the green & purple blend.

I finished this fun apron based on a 1925 pattern, but with a modern fabric print of bees & apples.
It has been pretty busy around here, tween co-hosting an up-coming Sisters on the Fly camping trip up here in Spokane, trying to get my vintage trailer finished & ready for the trip and working on a couple of birthday presents.
Being busy keeps me out of trouble!


  1. Cool rug! Cute apron, love the vintage pattern!
    When is the SOTF meet? I want to come down and check out all the trailers.

  2. Oh Grace what a beautiful day in your yard! I love your chairs! Oh my goodness! You have learned to make a rag rug! I am sooo proud of you! How I wish you could teach me! Love the two you have made already! And what a fun time you had at MaryJane's Store! You girls sure know how to have fun!

    Bet you are excited for your SOTF trip coming up! Have a blast!


  3. Love the rug AND the apron! I joined SOTF but haven't logged on many little time and I'm retired! What's up with that?
    What's in the mason jars sitting by your deck there? Just curious.

  4. Just a little over a month from now I will be sitting on that balcony with you, Gracie!!!!! Yay! Summer is finally here...even in Spokane!!!

  5. Hey Sam I Am,,,,I have wine bottle corks in onw and Implan to fill the others with Buttons, fabric yoyo, marbles etc...what ever catches my fancy,, maybe some small sea shells in one too!
    So what $ R-U in SOTF??? I can hardly wait for the June camp out her in Spokane....I am working like a crazy woman trying to get the Scotty ready for the trip.

    Hey Bev,,,,wahooooo! July is almost here and I'll have the martini's read for the balcony...especially after a long hard day of antiquing & quilt shop hopping!

  6. What a fun the bright colors!

  7. This apron is amazing, what a wonderful design and the colors are beautiful!



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