Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good ol' Boots!

Poor old boots.....
OK, my pic's are a bit out of order,,,but,,, like an old favorite pair of boots, we all have a favorite grubby pair of jeans, soft as a diaper and stained from gardening, wood working & trailer re-habing.... pure joy!
This years (from last years bulbs) Tulips. Pay no mind to the grass sneaking into my Tulip bed.

Don't ya hate it when your boots are ready to give up the ghost! After all, I only have 5 more pairs of boots! lol!
Well these will cost me $65 to get re-soled & heeled, but sadly they just are not worth the money to do so and yet they have been great schlepping boots.
I keep telling myself,,, "Self", make a bird house or feeder out of one and a flower(vase) holder out of the other one....but before I do, I think I will wear them a few more times, after all, they are great boots to schlep around the barn & property in... they have been such good friends.
Oh and special careful when digging while wearing your boots,,,that's how I split the bottom & tore up the heel....digging up my elderly neighbors garden for her. The ground was horribly hard!


  1. Hey there Gracie...your tulips are lovely!! Looks like you will have to buy another pair to replace the old boots...afterall, we cannot only have 5 pairs of boots, can we??

    Hugs to you!!

    July is almost here!! Waaa HOOOO!!

  2. I know the feeling about boots...just when they're REALLY comfy...the little stinkers give out!


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