Friday, April 3, 2009

One of My Woolly Neighbors....

Daddy Bull
Father & Son

The cute little escape artist!

Wahoooo! It's official! I am a true blue "Cattle Wrangler"....well sort of,,,,, if you count slamming on my brakes, throwing the Jeep in reverse and into a farmers driveway,,,looking for someone to let them know that one of their woolly baby bull is out walking around in the road....
Turns out someone at the Ranch didn't turn the electric fence on when they let the cattle out to pasture & "baby" discovered & made a break for Freedom! lol!
I didn't want the baby to wonder out in the road & get hit by a car or worse yet wonder over to the other pasture,,,where I have seen coyotes. That sweet little thing wouldn't stand a chance.
Anyways, baby is now back with the herd and the fence is hot,,,so baby won't be getting a taste of freedom for awhile!.
He is cute as a bug don't ya think?


  1. I want one! Been telling my husband that we need a couple of cows...he's still resisting but I'll wear him down!

  2. OOh I love the little Highland cattle babe, weren't you good to rescue the baby. I used to live on a road where we would occasionally find the neighbors' cows strolling down the road.


  3. Isn't he just adorable, I have never seen a baby. It was so sweet of you to rescue!!! Is this where the Oscar Meyer rig came

  4. Oh how adorable...I am afraid I would have wanted to kidnap him instead of rescue him!!!


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