Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lessons in Life!

Our lil Scooter...probably should have named him "Speedy" cuz that little stinker can disappear on you in no time fast!
Ok, Lessons in Life...
#1 If you let your tortoise 'graze' in your garden,,,hoping he will snack on the lettuce & broccoli, think again...he will head for your Sweet Peas, carrots and other delicate plantings!
#2 If you are wearing shorts, do not stand next to your kitty who is rolling in the cat mint/nip getting schnockered... cuz it is certain that she will roll over & wrap all 4 paws around your leg & shred your leg like a shredding post! Ouch! pass the band-aids please!
#3 Be sure to savor a yummy piece of Dove chocolate w/almonds with your glass of red wine....I know, it's not evening here yet but it is somewhere! LOL!
Oh and sure to read the "thought for the day" on the inside foil wrapper. Mine said:
"Smile when you want to, Cry when you need to, Laugh whenever possible!"
I am Smiling! how about you?


  1. He's gorgeous!

    When we visit Oatman, AZ there are these huge African Tortoises that I love to visit. The biggest one weighgs about 75 imagine that one in the garden!

  2. Oh, I am all for dove chocolate with anything!LOL

  3. You sweet thing just keep smiling!


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