Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I really SCORED big time!
My mother came across these 2 crocheted aprons that are in very good shape! I am so in envoy of the ladies who hand crocheted these sweet aprons. Oh if only I could crochet like them. I am guessing that these two aprons are mid-century given the size and popularity of crocheted aprons from the 1940's-1960's
Then today after running what seemed like a gazillion errands in town I treated myself to a quick "Stop & Seek" mission at one of the local Thrift Shops in Spokane. I can still hardly believe it, I got these 17 hand crocheted pot holders for $1.99
They are all in nearly perfect unused condition except for 2 of them that have small little yellow spots on them.
While at the Thrift Shop an odd thing happened....I had come across a Samsonite Train Case in very good condition for only $2.99...I was excited to bring it home, and decoupage it like I did with my other I set it in my cart. I shopped a bit more then went up to the register to pay. As I was unloading my "finds" I discovered that the Train Case was not in my cart! OMG! someone took it out while I was not paying attention...I had parked my cart a couple of times, & with my back to the cart was looking at some sheets for future rag I guess the lesson I learned today is,,,never turn your back on a great find or your shopping cart! lol!


  1. What a HUGE, GREAT SCORE, congratulations! It's funny but the only place I won't leave my cart buggy alone is at a thrift store -smile-. At a grocery store, I can always go back but at a thrift store, when it's gone, it's gone for good.

  2. Wow, great aprons and potholders, I am so jealous! I too, have had TYBAIG (turn your back and it's gone)experiences at thrift stores, both in CA and MD.

  3. Grace, you really hit the motherlode. I never see anything this fabulous at our thrift stores. Love the aprons, and of course the potholders are amazing.
    It is true, one must be ever vigilant at the thrift shops, peop;le have no shame when it comes to shopping on a budget....



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