Friday, July 31, 2009

This is newest little dolly, who will be going to her new home soon. To a very special Blue eyed, Blond haired big~little girl...she and this dolly are very special to me.
Meet Lucy & Ethel at the Chocolate Factory...

My latest apron creation.....this fun apron was made for the Apron Swap that I am in. It will be going to the East Coast shortly.
I did not have a pattern so I used one of my aprons as a template to make this apron.
I made the apron ties extra long so the wearer can wrap it around & tie in front if she desires.
I sure hope she likes it....


  1. Very cute, at least someone is able to creat! You have been busy and staying cool in the basement. Great job. I on the other hand am still knee deep in table decorations. Final decisions today! I hope.

  2. Hello GRACE! I LOVE your new look to your blog!!!! So YOU! Great job!

    Grace, no pattern? Now you are a wonderful seamtress! Very cute Chocolate Factory Apron! I have a whole wall in one of the rooms here in my house that is a scene from the Chocolate Factory? It is made from fabric, printed from a real picture! A $4,000. wall free because hubby did it! LOL! He does this as a living!

    Love Scooter! I met him last year, remember?


  3. Extra long ties on the aprong...great idea and it's cute!

  4. She loves it, Gracie. I know, because 'she' is me! I'm trying to find your email address so I can gush over this package personally, but until then I have got to tell you that this package was like opening up my own personal box of fireworks. I am thrilled.

    I've also gushed on the 'Flirty' blog, but in the meantime I had to let you know just how special this package -- and the woman who made it -- are to me.


  5. I'm the lucky recipient of this fabulous package! I could not be more thrilled!!!


    I've written to Shawnee for your email address so I can thank you off the boards (too much gushing!), but she's moving and it might take her a while to get back to me. I'm going to send a 'snail mail' note, because I can't wait to tell you how much all your effort and thoughtfulness means to me. I'm speechless, which happens to me about once every three lifetimes. Sincerely -- poor everybody else!!!



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