Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love my Ironing Board...

After seeing a "Sister" Sister on the Fly use her vintage ironboard as a Bar table for her vintage trailer I was bitten & it became a Quest to find one for myself as well..& I did!
It even had the origional instructions on the back side....along with the date! How's that for making it easy to date!


  1. I love it! Ironing boards are just the best, and the instruction pictures are so goofy. You are the best shopper.


  2. So what is the year? Where have you been lately? Other than Sunday? :D

  3. Hey, didn't we lug that home with a certain heavy something!

  4. hahaha!, yep Bev, among other goodies(like the cast iron radiator)we drug it home from a fun shopping day at the Maryjanes Farm Fair.
    Oh & by the by, I still have not gotten around to painting the radiator...I have 2 other projects ahead of it, but in due time.
    The date on the Iron board label reads 8-23-27, so I am guessing it is 1927 which matches up with the garment worn by the 'model' in the picture.


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