Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Love My Family

Gary doing what he does best...move dirt! lol!
Our grandpup Buddy, Gary & our wonderful Son-in-law Evan

My babygirl, Meri & her baby boy, Buddy
Meri & Evan makin' hay...
Farmer Gary tasting!
I am so blessed with a wonderful husband as well as daughter & Son-in-love.
We have fun in our daily lives learning to live on our mini farmettes.
It's a never ending "learning curve" LOL!
Rather then go to the bank to deposit our money... we just go out to our acreage, and toss our money into the freshly till soil! lololol!
"Green Acres is the place for livin' is the life to lead..."


  1. Hey your family, ya'll look so happy!! Love the one Meri and Evan making's a fridge pic for sure!!! Kelley

  2. Great pics, Gracie!! I miss you guys!


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