Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Sunday Drive....

Wouldn't one of these old trucks look cool towing my 1959 Aljo trailer?
Edwall Post Office

Uh, Noah,,, do you know something?

Recently Gary & I took an afternoon drive around the back roads of some small Washington towns & farm areas...We started in Airway Heights, to Reardon, Davenport, Creston, Wilbur, then down to Odessa, Lamona, Harrington, Edwall, Waulkon, Medical Lake & then back home..

We saw some wonderful sights along the way. One of which was a boat perched up on a hill just outside Odessa. I love the little Post Office in Edwall. All in all we saw some beautiful farm lands and meet some delightful people along the way.


  1. Hey there's me, farmmommy....your Sunday drive sounded fun, Sterling and I likr to do that...I can't believe the story about the train case dissapearing out of your cart at the thrift..boohoo..Can you believe some people?? Hey I found something that is right up our FarmGirl may have already seen it, but if not, I thought you would love it!!1 I DO!! go to farmgirlly!!! oh..look for "Barn Red"...let me know what ya think!! FarmGirl Hugs and Smiles, Kelley

  2. oops! Make that

  3. All my family ties are in Omak and Colville. I used to live in Reardon.It was the one place in all the places I lived that was my favorite. I JUST got back from visiting the area this week also. Beautiful and I am envious.Ü


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