Thursday, August 13, 2009

Singer 500a Rocketeer?

Well here is the re-done sewing table for my Singer sewing machine. It was sort of a Harvest Gold paint job so my wonderful Gary stripped it down & re-stained it. I Love It!


  1. That is one fabulous table. All it needs is a kitty perched on it to set off the machine....


  2. Oh trust me Karin,there were 2 on it yesterday, playing "pat the tail between the sewing machine".
    Dolly & Peekie are a never ending source of mischief!

  3. Love your table. I am still deciding if I love my Rocketeer or not, I am used to sewing on my Singer 15-91 but it looks so cool! lol I did learn to use the multi slotted binder on it tonight so thats a start. Your page is really pretty!Gwen


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