Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buggy Barn Quilt Show 2009

This picture is out of order, but I could not resist.... even horses like a good quilt....which brings to mind a very talented quilter, Nancy DeWeir Geaney of
She makes horse blankets & pads from quilts. Oh to be a horse.
It goes with out saying,,,,I am just in absolute awe of these talented ladies that can create art through the use of fabric. I have no idea how many people will have walked the grounds of this old farm to gaze upon these beautiful quilts but for those who was a fabric feast!.
The day actually started out with a light rain, but by the time the quilt show started the rains were no more & the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds. It was such a delight to
walk-n-talk with apron wearing "Farm girl' girlfriends and as it would happen we ran into other ladies that we knew like Heather aka Pickles & I running into Cindy from Idaho who is a fellow-et Sister on the Fly friend... Then I ran into a friend from a local Red Hatters group. We all meet up with our lovely Maryjane Farm-girl-friend, Julia & her best friend...So much chatting, so much scheming for future get togethers and so much fun shopping....I know that Heather, Rene' Julia, Tata & myself,,,we all had fun "shopping the vintage goodies dealers, chatting with vendors not to mention having strangers approach us and ask about our aprons. We just giggled and said, Why we're MaryJane Farm Girls....
We located Amanda's aka Firemama...apron...Amanda, You are "sew" talented....your Sun Bonnet Sue quilt is adorable!
While there were probably well over 100 quilts, I could not possibly post pictures of them all, so here are just a few that I found very interesting. It's funny, just between Heather, Rene' & myself it was interesting to see which quilts caught our attention. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. (as always, you can click on the pic's to get a larger view).
One of the barns covered in quilts.
Amanda's...Sun Bonnet Sue hand stitched Red Work Quilt.
I think this might be fabric from the Jennifer Pagnelli collection. I like the pink & brown mix.
This is a lovely Christmas quilt...I would love to have this one to snuggle up in during the Christmas Holidays.....

I thought this one was rather interesting...a Jigsaw puzzle! How Cute!
I must say, Rene' , Heather & I gravitated to this cute simple denim/jeans quilt.
I'm thinking this would look cute in any of our lil vintage trailers.
There were some great vendors and I found this one to be quite intriguing....these can be use as plant trellis' or just as yard/garden elements....and I love the wind chimes incorporated in the trellis.


  1. Oh what fun you all had Grace and I love that you all wore your darling aprons! Just home-down farmgirl fun!


  2. Wow, that quilt show sounds lovely, what a great way to display the quilts. I love the barn photo. It is always such fun to go to a show and see all the amazing creations. You are good to share your pictures with us...


  3. Thank you for posting the pictures. Your group sounds like such fun so nice to know you had a good time and wore your aprons. We had pretty good rains Sat. morning and I wondered how the quilts fared in the weather, glad the weather was better in Reardon.

    Keep up the wonderful work on your blog, I love to read it!

  4. Always inspired by your talents, I was excited to see all the other talents as well... goodness, what beautiful works of art!!! Thank you for sharing... and inspiring.

  5. I have a couple of questions about renovating your super cute trailer!! I'm wanting to paint my oven to make it black instead of white. I see that you've done that! I'd love to knwo what sort of paint you used. Thanks so much!
    hersouthern charm at gmail dot com


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