Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Day in Apron Land...

I made this Burlap Apron from a mid 1960's Aunt Lydia's rug yarn booklet. I still need to finish the blue stitchery on it. I also made a second Burlap Apron but rather than adding stitchery I am going to add yoyo's to embellish it. This is a creation of mine that I call "Harvest Time"... This apron is made from a mans XL shirt.
I remember seeing an old episode of "Leave It To Beaver" where the mom-June Cleaver was wearing an apron with huge pockets for her house cleaning tools so I thought why not one to wear out in the garden or orchard...roomy enough for enough apples or peaches to bring into the house to make a pie! Plus there is a smaller pocket to put your cutters or hankies or cell phone!
I embellished the side ties with yoyo's but they did not show in the picture.
This apron is from a Butterick pattern. It is fun & whimsical..I have made several from this pattern. In fact I am thinking of doing a Cowgirl/Western one next.....and as always,,,,it has yoyo's on the ties & pocket....
Ah last but not least....this is a Mary Mulari apron called "Church Lady". It is a reversible apron. The other side it solid red with the rooster print as embellishment.
As always, you can click on the pictures to get a closer look.


  1. Woman, where are you finding all this time? Get me some, would you? :D Maybe I will find some after today but somehow I doubt it. See you soon.

  2. oh, I am so jealous you got such great apron sewing time in! not to mention the repurposing-one of my favorite things! everything looks great!


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