Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where's Waldo and a Bear...

 Remember the "Where's Waldo" books (in the 1990's).... well, here is 'Where's the Praying Mantis!
 I was trimming around one of my lavender plants when lo and behold, look who I found...
 Hubby and I commissioned a local carver to carve us a Bear for our driveway...
 Our 'bear' is holding a solar light stick in his raised arm, so at night we can see him...
I love his sweet face.... it is hard to see, but he has glass eyes....


  1. I love praying mantis. They're very beneficial except to hummingbirds...I never knew that but heard awhile back on a nature show that they can kill and eat hummingbirds! Who knew? Speaking of, I need to trim the bush near my hummer feeder so they can't get that close. My feeder hangs from the eaves of the house.
    I love the bear! How ingenious to have him holding a solar light. It's like you have your own personal statue of liberty. LOL! Nice picture of both of you.
    I'm sure I could learn some tips about spray painting from you...I have lots of cans of that too!

    1. SIA,,, thanx for the heads up on the praying mantis & Humming birds..

  2. I LOVE your Praying Mantis! They are like good luck when I find them! Your BROWN bear is adorable!!! Oh and your haircut is soooooo very cute! 2piap xox

    1. Maryjane, now that I am back in Cali, short hair works better but I do miss my long hair.


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