Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Page Marker and Salsa....

The other day, while spending time over on 'Pinterest'...(way to much time!) I came across some fun wool craft ideas.... So today, while waiting for my salsa to simmer,,, I did some stitching...
I created a little 'page minder' from bits of scrap wool and ribbon... and of course,,, what would a wool, or any project for that matter, be, with out a yoyo or two ... hahaha!
Very easy peasy project and perfect timing.... because I finished up the last stitch when my buzzer went off.... Woolie done! Salas done!
I managed to can up 14 pint jars of zesty salsa.... oh Yummalisciousness to the tenth factor!
yes I know there are only 13 jars here... that's because hubby dearest and I had to sample the salsa so we  sacrificed jar number 14 for the task... sooo worth it! Thank goodness I bought 2 bags of tortilla chips!  Oh and just a little fyi,,, salsa makes a great salad dressing that is zesty and low in calories.


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  1. I have yet to make salsa...maybe next year? I like it I just never remember to make it. I never thought about it for salad dressing....great idea!
    I love the book marks and I have all kinds of wool laying around as I do a lot of applique and an occasional rug. Those are really sweet! What great presents they would make too. Yes, I started in July making Christmas presents but now I have to stop and make some for Fall and Halloween. Oh yeah!


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