Sunday, September 28, 2014

My lil Peekaboo~kitty

I just love my lil Peekaboo-boo... at 13 she still acts like a prissy princess, spoiled rotten and knows how to manipulate both Gary and I.
 sleeping ever so sweetly... on her 'princess kitty pillow'.
 umm, did I smell tuna!
I swear, all I have to do is just 'think' about going into the kitchen and both she  and Dolly~girl will wake out of a coma and race me to the kitchen! Needless to say, they love 'treats'.


  1. Well, now I know why you go by Katmom...because you are! What a cutie pie except when I see that breed they always look like they are grimacing or mad. Like the mad bluebird photo if you've ever seen that. It's probably a survival thing...obviously she's getting what she needs! And more! LOL! YOu must take really good care of her as she looks really good for 13.


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