Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Easy Hat Holder To Make

I Love hats, be they vintage, new or eclectic. I currently own 28 wonderful hats. I would love to buy lot's of lovely hat stands but they can cost a tidy sum ,so as any creative woman would do, I made my own!

I found these wooden paper towel holders at the local Dollar store and as you can see in the photo, I painted them then I wrapped scrap fabric around some left over poly-fiber fill and with glue gun in hand I added trim, ta-dah! instant hat holder. You can cut the little peg off or leave it as I did to hang a necklace or bracelet from. (click on pic for a closer look)

Now it's your turn to make a hat hold...


  1. How CUTE is that!!!! Great idea, Gracie. Wow, I'd love to see you in that red hat!

  2. What a Great Idea Grace! saw your note to Tina over at the Farm on your little 'Tutorial' So I had to come take a look! Such a perfect way to use a Paper Towel holder!! Thanks for the idea Girl!!

    Love ya!


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