Friday, June 13, 2008

Saturday at the Farm Chicks Antique Show

Well Saturday was the 'Farm Chick Antique Show' and it was such fun (which means I spent lots of money) lol!

Friday night a bunch of us had dinner at Clinkerdaggers in Spokane.... what a beautiful view we had of the river and what fabulous food!

In the picture (lft to rt) is Amanda, Heather, Judy, Christina,

In front is ElleynAnne and myself.

EllynAnne sold out of all the books that we had on stock, Wow! that was a great success.

Just goes to show, women still love the connection to aprons and the warm memories aprons bring to us. As EllynAnne always say's, 'Tie one on ~ an apron of course!"

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast...and now, off on another adventure?? Have a grand time with Maryjane Lee! Sure wish I could drop in on you two!


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