Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wash Day....

OK, I may make my own laundry deterg.... but, I draw the line to using one of these! lol!
While reading an old 1962 Frontier Times magazine ( it takes me awhile to read a magazine...lol!) I came across the article for an old Sears & Roebuck ad.
Thank goodness for electricity & Whirlpool! lol!


  1. I actually own that washer!!! You are welcome to try it out!!

  2. I remember helping my Mother with an electric wringer washer and you had to be careful not to get your hands too close!

  3. When my kids were little and my 2 youngest in cloth diapers, we lived outside of Airway Heights, and had and old electric wringer washer out on the back porch, which I washed clothes for our family of 6 in. It was an adventure. I miss that old washer, and living in WA.


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