Saturday, March 24, 2012

OOPS! Another One!

Ok, I know I said (awhile back) I was not going to buy anymore vintage sewing machines.... butttt......

It's all Gary's fault! haha! While out and about we stopped off at the local Goodwill store,,,Lo and behold Gary spotted this Singer 403A... and well as you can guess... it is now in my collection of over 2 dozen machines. But here is the kicker.... $14.95 yep! and it works wonderful... It sews smoothly... and I love the vintage '60's cabinet. Now I have 2 Singer 403A machines in my collection. I am on the look out for a Singer 319 and then I can put my sewing machine addiction to rest! Maybe! lol!

I finished up this kool mono-chromatic rag rug in black/grey & white. It actually turned out better then I expected. I enjoy crocheting just never know how they will turn out.


  1. OMGosh, that rug is darling!! And so are too good! Hey, wanta sell a cheap sewing daughter needs one. I never see them for that price!

  2. Super find on the Singer; I am green with envy -smile-.
    Well done on the rag rug.

  3. OMG Gracie....all I can do is shake my head!! LOL. I have to say, I love that rug!! Nice job!


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