Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tomato Delight!

Last night I cooked dinner for our German~American Society/club.... I ended up cooking dinner for approximately 73 people,,, Thank goodness I had my trusty side kick, Gary to help me as well as two wonderful clubmembers, Robert & Dawn to help me get every plate set up and served....
This was the salad, Tomato and mozzarella topped with bacon bits, olives, sesame seeds and a drizzling of Cesar dressing,,, OMG! so yummy!
The main course was Chicken Pommedorie... and from the looks of the empty plates at the tables... everyone enjoyed their meal. I know I loved it!
I did bring my camera to take photos but was soooo busy I never got a chance to pull out my camera,.. so tonight I made the salad for Gary and I for dinner, and snapped a picture before we ate it... and yep, still Yummmyyy!

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