Thursday, March 1, 2012


What do you do with old and sometimes broken jewelery? why you create new jewelery!
I wish this photo had come out better,,,but I combined an old turquoise necklace, some amethyst beads and fresh water pearls to create this necklace and bracelet... I love pearls and I think the combination of pearls and turquoise is really "Me"! I added a few amethyst beads as well as some Aurora Boralis beads for that little pop of sparkle!

I think this will look cute with a cashmere sweater & Blue Jeans....

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  1. You're a fashionista....I'm "bare bones"....with the RA I can't wear rings anymore and that's basically what I wore as far as jewelry so now I wear NADA....I don't ever dress up and although I can admire it on others I just wear my old watch and that's it. It goes better with my sweats and flannel shirts! LOL! But that is one pretty ensemble! I love turquoise too!


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