Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Road Less Traveled...

After 4 days of being nearly snow/house bound...we took the opportunity to "fly the coup" the first moment we bundled up, in the old "beater with a heater" (our old farm truck) we hit our little market in town, loaded up on "Cheeze Nips" and Coffee Latte's and then hit the road!
For those of you who know us, know we love to wander and travel the roads less traveled....

The above picture is of a very frozen "Clear Lake" over in Medical Lake(WA)...hmmm, not gonna catch much fish today!
and as always,,,,almost got whiplash looking for old trailers which we saw several...this one was interesting as there were 2 on the same farm.
I would love to get my hands on both,,,,but,,,we still have 2 "works-in-progress" I will make a mental note of these two.
I thought it was interesting to see this falcon, sitting in the tree...perhaps he too needed to "fly the coup" or out looking for tonight's meal!(click on the pic to see closer).
This is a lovely old working farm, both cattle & wheat.....I would love to go back in the Summer to take summer photos.... Just hope I can remember where I saw it! lol!
In a lot of rural~ Agricultural areas, you will find "Grange" buildings...sort of a farmer's community meeting hall.... In days gone by, nearly every small community had a "Grange" building where farmers would meet and discuss community events, farming issues and what ever else was going on in the community.....and I am sure many a community gatherings and pot lucks were held there too!
This is an interesting place, there are actually more old dilapidated structures around this building...I just happen to like the drab color contrast.
I am going to have to try & do some research on this old appears to have been an old cattle/dairy ranch that butts up to the back of a small inlet of the lake.
I know of 4 Alpaca Ranches over in Medical Lake & 2 in Airway Heights...but I hadn't any idea that there was(is) a Llama Ranch in Medical Lake.
I have seen several ranches around here where there is a Llama mixed in with the heard of horses...Llamas make great "alarm systems" as they are very alert to predators.
Well, I have a ton more pics...but I don't want to share them! lol! Just kidding.....
In the mean time.....remember..."Get off the Interstate...take the path less traveled &
"Wagons HO!


  1. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. Love the back roads and we have so many around here!!!

  3. The picture with the barns and color contrast was actually part of the Mental Institution Grounds. I have been told that way back when the institution was completly self reliant. Chicken coops,cattle,gardens. There is also a place out there where they did animal experiments.
    : ) Amanda


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