Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Blogger....

Dear Blogger...... You are driving me crazy!!!!
Half the time you say I don't exist, yet I do! You won't let me access my blog half the time or I have to re-sign in each time I make a post,,, and then other times I have to 'un-check' the sign-in box.... Each time I try to post I have to sign in... If I try to comment on other friends blogs, sometimes I can, some I have to re-sign-in and for some you deny me access...uugghh! What's a blogging maven too do!?!
What ever happen to "K.I.S.S." ? (keep it simple stupid)....
What happen to once signed in, always signed in unless you purposely sign out...?
I have tried to trouble shoot and yet you ask me questions like when I first opened my blogg account, last time I used it, etc... Hello! yes I know I can go all the way back to the very beginning of my blog to locate my 1st post.... but come on... why did you make my blog inaccessible to begin with and yet my other blog shows as active, and yet I have to do the same thing (sign-in) each time I want to post on it...
Ok, I am through venting...for now!... maybe.... but I am still not a happy camper!


  1. Just caught up....the girls are precious, Grace!!! And I love your finds....would love to see how that last apron goes on.....and the little girl's pinnie is so sweet!!

  2. Grace, a lot of those problems will disappear if you get Firefox...as your browser...it's free.


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