Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yep here we are after 37 years of marriage...not bad for a couple of kids who dated in High School and are traveling through life laughing all the way.... We've gone from city dwellers to country bumpkins with the tractor, weeds & empty bank account to prove!
The old saying about looking at life like a glass of water, you can see it as half empty or half full...shoot, ours is flowing over!
Happy Anniversary to us! & many more.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary....hard to believe it has been that many years, isn't it? Don't you still feel like that same enthusiastic couple...with lots of energy that you were way back then?



  2. Congratulations!!! So wonderful to see a happy couple after all those years and more to come! Nice lace by the way, no more for you! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Grace! I just moved and am back on my blog trying to keep it updated, but haven't yet found the time to get bak on MJF forums, still so busy! STILL love your blog...keep up the good work! And Congrats on years of happiness!!! Kelley

  4. Hppy anniversary!! here's to another 37 years :) Hugs!!

  5. Ah now don't go giving me any wild ideas; I'm still in highschool! lol! Never know what God will bring about tho huh?


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