Monday, November 23, 2009

National Tie One On Day....

ok, I could not resist making this apron from a lace curtain panel...I folded it in (uneven)half, gathered up the waist, added the MaryJane Farm panel and stitched on the sash/tie which is just one long piece of fabric folded in half. If I had, had time I would have back stitched(red work) over some of the lines in the sweet panel, but it's crunch time now...Maybe next time.
I also chose not to add a pocket given the lacey nature of the curtain.
Now all that is left to do is to top stitch the sash/tie and then tuck it in a bag along with some goodies.
Thank goodness I made 2 dozen muffins....and and extra lavender for the jam, I canned plenty. Panel from the 'MaryJanes Farm' line of fabric. Sweet!
Getting ready to pack things up!

Well Wednesday, Nov. 25th is National Tie One On Day...and in the good spirit & inspiration of the Maven of Aprons, EllynAnne Giesel, I have prepared 3 be dropped off, or as I call it, Drop-n-Dash... at the homes of unsuspecting neighbors....each basket will contain muffins, peach jam, a lavender sachet & a MaryJane's Farm Magazine...all sweetly wrapped up in an apron...except one which will be wrapped in the green dish towel as it is for an elderly gentleman. Somehow, I can't quit picture him in a Farm Girlie!
A lot of the ladies over on the MaryJanesFarm forum are doing like wise.....baking goodies to be wrapped in an apron and given as a sweet gift to friends and neighbors.
I love this time of year,,,I only wish we could/would embrace the spirit of Sharing & Caring everyday....


  1. I love this fellow farmgirl :) your baskets sound wonderful!!

  2. Hi Grace, Nice idea...especially this time of the year...I'm going to try this for my niece who is having the Thanksgiving this year for our family...Sheryl

  3. You make such cute aprons. Love the lace one. Happy Holidays.


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