Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HoHoHo & More Mischief,,,

Ok, I couldn't leave well enough alone....first I decided I needed a change from my usual Christmas decor...I needed to par down & be a little less cluttered....so right after Thanksgiving I pulled up all the boxes of decorations, decided on what to keep, what to give away, some to friends and the rest was donated including 3 trees plus all their decorations & tree skirts.
I feel liberated! Now to keep me out of the stores & from buying new stuff! lol!
I went with a Red & White theme, simple & clean and on the other side (not pictured) I have a little display of cute Snowmen.....I so love Bev's(beehavenmaven) snowman collection that I just had to have a few for myself. They are so mischievous! lol! Then as you may recall, for the National Tie One On day, hosted by EllynAnne Geisel, I had made several aprons, the last one (a lace one) I had to put together last minute for another goodies basket. Well afterwards I decided I wanted one for myself, & dug through and fortunately found another lace curtain panel....thank goodness I am a stasher! lol!
This is what I came up with....oh & it really does look cute on....won't protect clothing from cooking & baking spills,,,,but cute none the less.
So when I serve burnt scones, no one will fuss cuz I'll look so cute in my lacey apron! lol!
(click on the pic to see it better-I ran ribbon through the bottom panel)


  1. Wow, Gracie, that apron you made for yourself is drop dead gorgeous! Beautiful! Hope you are staying inside! Stay warm.

  2. Your aprons are just beautiful!

    Merry Christmas!


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