Monday, December 21, 2009

1948 Apron

I came across this vintage 1948 Apron Pattern and thought it would be fun to using my favorite fabric guide "Dating Fabrics" I found a wonderful 1940's looking fabric at the Ben Franklin store in the next town over.
I decided not to add a ruffled lace as this fabric is rather light weight and delicate. The apron pattern is a one size pattern but after having finished the apron I'm guessing it is probably a size 8. Also the pocket is rather small. Big enough for a sweet hanky maybe.
I trimmed the sash with a yoyo where the sash is joined to the apron and then I sewed on a wee lace flower and button on each side of the little pocket.
It's not a very practical apron but it is certainly a sweet Hostess Apron.
The instructions were for the apron pattern pieces to be cut from feed sack or 35" wide fabric so each piece had to be cut out twice unlike today were most pattern pieces are cut out of folded 44" fabric.
I had fun making this apron and now am on the hunt for more vintage patterns to try my hand at.

Ok, I had to sneak this one little peekaboo had to "observe" me setting up my apron to photograph so needless to say, I could not resist photographing her! Cute, huh!


  1. What a fat cat, as in I own this place and love it here! Treat me right and I will stay here forever!
    It seems weird to work on 36" material doesn't it? Seems so narrow, you know, like what were they thinking? :D

  2. I think it looks great, I love the "angle up" at the sides, and it makes a great hostess apron.

    I love sewing vintage and 'vintage look' patterns because they remind me of my mom and aunts who always wore aprons when cooking or baking.

    I love the picture of the cat; looks like your owner knows exactly where she needs to be!

    happy holidays!

  3. Darling apron Gracie! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for the sweet card!


  4. What a great pattern!! I was not sewing aprons a few years ago when I got rid of all patterns that didn't fit all of us now or were little girl patterns. I donated SO MANY apron patterns that my great grandma had. Some were APRON. I could just cry. We had a cat like yours in the pic. She was Sophie and the sweetest cat in the world.


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