Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Snowing!!!!

Ok, this picture was taken about 1 1/2 hours later after the Birdie pics(below)....and yep, it's still snowing!
Little miss Skylar, just turned 4 and already an Apronista! You can't just feed one...

or can you?

Cheap entertainment for my kitties....."The Bird Channel"!

Well here it is, Friday, November 13th....and our first real snow for the 4PM everything was solid white!
But even the snow does not deter the birds for coming to our place for lunch... speaking of lunch... my little friend Skylar came over for lunch, well actually for tea and a sugar rush!

I have some explaining to do to her mom as to why Skylar is so 'amped'...hummm, sugar cookies, sugar cubes, cupcakes & least I know her Dentist is gonna love me! lol!

We had fun none the less....and Skylar even got to wear her apron and use her little potholder when we baked Tollhouse cookies. She is such a cutiepie. It was fun to have a 4 year old in the house today (and I don't mean my husband! lol!).

Make Time to Take Time and play with a wee one and recapture your inner 4 year old!

Oh and as for the kitties, both Dolly Girl and Mz Beasley liked all the attention they got from Skylar but lil miss (priss) Peekaboo was not so amused with a wee one in the!


  1. It's lovely, but i don't miss snow at all! I'm glad the birdies have someplace to lunch, we have a crowd here, too. And missy Skylar is a cutey! I'm glad you had a great day with her.

  2. Skylar is a doll and looks so darling in a custom-made apron by Gracie! That yoyo gives it away!

    WOW SONOW! Honker down girl! Your winter is here!!!!



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