Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Weeks Projects....

Ok. this is some of the mischief I have been getting into this week!
And if Peek-a-boo kitty tells you she helped....don't believe her! lol!
I crochet yet another rug, this one is pink & blue & will go in my 1963 Scotty trailer as will the brown apron with little pink & grey Scottie dog motif.
The Western album is a birthday gift for a Sisters on the Fly friend who will be turning 29(again!)!
You can click on the photo to get a closer look if you want.
Thanx for stopping by.


  1. I love the flowers on the waistband, and the rug is really nice. I've never tried crocheting rugs, but I remember my aunt making them for the kitchen and bath. Looks great!

  2. You sure have been busy Gracie! A Sister on the Fly is going to be very happy with her Birthday gifts! And I love the crochet rugs! You are gett'in good at it girl!


    I am having giveaways on my blogs!!!


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