Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rather than post a "gazillion" pictures of my vintage Aljo trailer and her overhaul I have started a new blog for you to watch as "Gracie's Victorian Rose" gets all gussied up.
So pop in when ever you have a few minutes.
I only have a few pictures on it right now but I will be posting the pictures of the interior before the demolition...oh, by the by, Demolition was FUN & Messy!
So come on over & take a peek!


  1. Hello Gracie! I went to your fun trailer blog a couple days ago and found it a delight! You and Gary look like you are having some fun. I tried leaving a comment and it wouldn't let me...I must have been a naughty girl that day! heehee! I will try again! Hugs, Maryjane

  2. Goodness! I'm headed over to Gracie's Victorian Rose now.
    I must admit...Maryjane of the Beehive Cottage has started me on this trip of madness...although I've always been aware that was something just a little strange about I know it's just the tear drops and minis. What FUN!

  3. BTW, would you allow "followers" on the Gracie Victorian Rose blog? I'd like to follow along and signing up as a follower is, just about, the only way I can assure myself of not forgetting.


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