Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ticked Off Praying Manthis

(click on the pics to see a closer view)

Ok, so while I was out weeding I came across a praying manthis.....
and being the "little girl " that I am I had to play with this one, ok, so I was teasing it...
again, the little girl in me.......
What I did not realize about P.M.'s, they can get really ticked off when they don't want to
play or be teased...LOL!
Then I was out in my little Lavender field to do some weeding. You know, there is nothing better then weeding in amongst lavender plants. It smells WONDERFUL to say the least.
I still have about 18 plants that need to be pruned back but I just can't bring myself to do it yet because of my sweet little pollinators.....I want to make sure they get all the nectar they need before Winter.
Oh and be asured, I WON'T be teasing these little guys! LOL!


  1. You better quit messing with Mother Nature.....or you will be sorry! lol

  2. That looks like a female about to lay an egg case which may be why she was probably so combative to you instead of playing along.....

    your lavender is lovely! I let a lot of clover take over in the front grass this year because the paper had an article about how there just weren't enough clover fields for the bees. We did have a lot of bees over the course of the summer, and I hope they made some wonderful clover honey, but I'm not sure our neighbors appreciated me letting the grass and plants get high enough to have all the little white flowers.

  3. Gracie, your lavender looks healthy and very pretty! I can see the bee loves it to! Yes, PM can get quite cross at times, but don't you love them?! Be careful, they can bite! Oh, isn't fun when the little girl comes out!!!!

    Love ya,


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