Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Penny Rug...

Well I have been 'busy a a Bee' whipping up some rugs and what nots... One of my sweet neighbors is having a Craft Faire at her Log Cabin the weekend of Oct. 19-20th... and she talked me into crocheting some rugs and a few other little goodies to sell.
So here are 2 things I finished up yesterday....
 This 'Penny Rug' is a candle rug..... I love the 'busy as a bee' motif.  It's hard to see, but in the center of the flowers is a tiny glass bead. I have been enjoying stitching up wool felt goodies like these.
 Again, hard to see, but,,, this is a lamp shade.... I bought the shade at a Thrift, cut off the fabric then replaced it with strips of cotton fabric.
 I saw a lot of these at the Farm Chick show this past summer...and thought,,,hmmm,,, I can do that!  and I did!
Well off to meet up with some of my gal~pals for dinner.... poor Gary is going to be home with a frozen dinner & 2 lazy cats..but knowing him,,, he will be watching the Vice Presidential Debate on TV tonight.


  1. Love the mug rug!! You are really good at those. I don't know where you find the time!

  2. Too cute!! You are always such a busy bee, Gracie!!


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