Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We have had our tortoise for almost 30 years... I call him "scooter-putter"....
I have often said... he is the perfect pet...
Doesn't bark,
don't have to take him for a walk,
doesn't chase cars,
doesn't chew up my shoes,
doesn't need a litter box,
sleeps all Winter
and he loves to eat dandelions... lol!
 and he is the only other 'male' in our house besides my hubby.... lol!
 "Attack of the Ginormous Tortoise" would be the perfect title....
but in reality, he is only 12"long.... and now appears to be camera shy!

He was in hibernation,,, but todays temps got up into the 70's and he decided to go check out the lawn....in search of some dandelions I suppose.


  1. Good old Scooter, he has outlived many of his female friends.

  2. How cute Scoot Scoot!! Nice to see him out of his BOX!!!

  3. What a lovely post: very old Scooter!!!
    I love your posting "Time to Say Good Bye to Christmas" !!! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Hugs from Berlin, Jutta


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