Monday, March 17, 2014

Springing into Gsrdening etc...

Yep!  it's that time of year... Spring cleaning around the house...
Weeding, planting, mowing etc... and loving every minute...
 Gary misses his big Kubota tractor... but is having fun on his little Hasquvarna tractor.
 We got rid of a lot of ugly shrubs and rotting out trees... starting to clean up really nice..
 Gary testing out his new Metal Detector....
 Got all the fire wood stacked... we should be good for a couple of years!
We planted a few fruit and nut trees... and I picked up some  veggie and herb plants at the Nursery.. now to watch it all grow!


  1. Not here, at least, not now. We've had ice all day with more expected and the fire in the wood stove feels wonderful! Spring is a temptress and I'm not happy with her.

  2. We had snow Sunday, and it's still not over for us yet. Boo hoo. I can't wait to see tulips and other spring flowers up.

  3. Your place is lovely...I like the huge front yard and knowing Gary it is starting to look great.

  4. Your yard looks lovely....great house and property. So happy for you!!


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