Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lace and Spray Paint...

I bought a 'G' and "B" letters cut from wood.... sprayed a layer of primer and the a layer of white...
Then I layed a piece of old curtain lace over the letters, and sprayed a layer of black.. and Voila!

Pretty Kool, don't ya think? And I can still use the lace for other paint projects.
I sprayed a light layer of clear sealer just to protect the paint..
Now to figure out what to use for decoration,,, I am toying with using some old earrings to glue on for that little bit of Bling!


  1. Love it! Nice are very creative.

  2. That turned out really cool! Brilliant I say, brilliant!

  3. Thank,,, the hardest part... was cutting up the lace curtain... I found a small panal at the Thrift for this project,,, but when I got home,, I debated whether to cut it up... I had to remind myself there are more lace panals out in Thrifts... so I have an excuse (like as if I need one) to go Thrift shopping! lol!


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